1972 Project

5 Ways to Wellbeing

Umbrella CIC

Commissioned by Umbrella CIC, the concept of the project was to produce a more engaging reproduction of The New Economics foundations '5 Ways to Wellbeing Model' that was being adopted across the UK. Many organisations promoted this model and produced a variety of ways of sharing this information. However unhappy with the lack of imagination and creativity in other organisations promotion of this Umbrella through Big Lottery funding commissioned me to design a new product to promote the NEF's model to reach and engage men and woman around the age of 40 plus. I adopted a 1970's era design concept as it represented this particular group who were all born before the current digital and smart technology age. This was an age of postcards, print, zines and crummy television shows, and flares.

I produced 2 sets of retro postcards  These bubble gum postcards were then printed with a total of 5,000 packs (each pack containing 5 cards) and distributed across the UK. This was a project that provided advice to help people manage their mental health and personal development.

Project Status | Completed

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