A Camerados Tee-Pee, A Pop-Up Human Oasis at Rotherham General Hospital, UK

Camerados Chronicle 

Camerados Chronicle Issue 1

Camerados is a global movement that began with one man in a tiny bedroom in a small town near Oxford, England. A few years later, Maff Potts idea had spread its kooky way of bringing people together to help one another, to the far corners of the world. 

Camerados do things a bit differently to most community and charitable organisations. They do wonderful colourful things such as putting TeePee's into hospitals so patients, visitors and staff can have a space that is theirs. They create non-clinical spaces in clinical environments and are constantly challenging systems to change. They also pop up public living rooms all over the world.

Project Status | Completed

Camerados champion the idea of people helping each other as human beings through tough times. People help each other and by the process of positive transference, help themselves. The movement (which is growing daily)  reduces loneliness by creating friends and purpose through the catalyst of human spaces. Stepping into a TeePee or Public Living Room is magical and nostalgic, tapping into my childhood memories of building dens. 

As I mentioned this movement is now global on account of Camerados not being precious about ownership and power. They encourage other organisations, institutions, communities, and cities around the world to build their own human spaces and join together in a global movement of Camerados.

Newspaper bombing issue 1 on Planes, Trains (no automobiles), but instead public spaces

Dotty  Delightful (Ruby Coupe) & Kane Dodgson (Journal) & our circa 1972 Story Department

There are public living rooms everywhere, in towns, cities, villages, universities and schools some big some small but all unique whilst living the simple human principles of Camerados. There are public living rooms in America such as Baltimore and NewYork, they exist in Europe and Australia with more being created as the movement grows.

This kind of kooky, creative, left of centre thing appeals to me. I also love that these community-owned human spaces also combat loneliness, encourage conversations and swell with stories of life and hope. 

Camerados wanted to find a way to collect these stories to share across the world. They wanted someone who not only was good at collecting and telling stories but could also offer these to the world in simple yet creative ways. So they asked Myself and Dotty if we would work with them to pilot some Camerados story ideas and thus The Camerados Story Department was born. 


Our first mission was to create a network of stories that came directly from the public living rooms, street actions, TeePees and igloos all over the Camerados world. We wanted to create something fun yet serious, that no only showcased the lives and stories of extraordinary-ordinary people in our communities, but gave them a voice and an opportunity to express their stories, their way and in their words. Drawing influence from history, anti-currant turned (if everyone is going right then we go left), politics, media and a healthy dose of the punk era Do It YourSelf vibe we put together The Camerados Chronicle issue 1.

Kane Dodgson


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