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Camerados Chronicle Issue 2

Project Status | In Progress

Dotty Delightful & myself are back working together again. It seems like our last project for Camerados (a community DIY Newspaper made with a retro zine vibe) was a bit of success. With over 10,000 copies of issue 1 distributed worldwide and lots of positive feedback ("well cool" being my favourite), its time to do it again.

We are presently collecting stories, creating images & connecting with camerados around the world. This time around, there are lots of new camerados pop up living rooms appearing all over the world. Our love of DIY community combined with both our love for wandering, this is going to be a fun and exciting project to do


With some new ideas to both add to issue 2 but most importantly new ways of both engaging and empowering people to create their own stories it is all pressroom go. I like doing this project with dotty as it is very retro and has a feeling much like that old kid's television show 'Press Gang'.

I will update this project board once the project is completed. You can follow the progress of this project and any other as I am likely to write a few related blogs about this kind of thing and the people I meet along the way. You can also keep updated by signing up to my 'Sunday Stories' newsletter.

To find out more about Camerados and The Story Department please turn the page to my previous project Camerados Chronicle Issue 1

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