Colouring Depression

Elephant CIC

2016 Commissioned by Elephant CIC for The Big Lottery Fund, The concept of the project was to create a product by people who have learnt to manage mental health through art & creativity. This was a short creative community story work project completed through one single day's art workshop and a few extra days production and print. We decided together to produce a colouring book in concurrence with what at the time of print was a popular trend colouring therapy books. What we wanted to do was add some missing ingredients to these books that were, information about depression, evidence of how creativity works to benefit those with depression and some tools and tips for coping. Colouring Depression had the following reach prior to its retirement in 2017

1000 free books distributed across Lancashire

2000 sold via my previous website

1250 downloads of themed colouring packs

Project Status | Completed

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