On Loss & Grief

Elephant CIC

A creative community story work project for Elephant CIC funded by The Big Lottery Fund. The brief was to create something that could be used to illustrate and educate on the grief process. The idea was to make a distinction between natural grief and mental health issues, as the two are not but can become the same. It had to be both informative whilst not being prescriptive, emotionless and clinical.

With the help of a group of older adults we set about creating a book, a story of grief but it all began with a cup of tea and some cake. I am honoured that this group of ten individuals all over 65 and all sharing the same pain, the loss of their long term significant other. At times it was a difficult and emotional journey together and at others joyful and fun.

Project Status | Completed

It was decided as a group that the project needed to be a story one story. so we merged all our stories and created a fictional story about one woman's journey through grief. Fictional yes, yet simultaneously a work of fact. Every element of the story, every experience, feeling, thought and the reactions are real. Each moment being a moment that belonged at one time to somebody in the group. It was quite a wonderful wat to tell a true story whilst protecting the identities of the people involved. Something I would like to replicate again.

I interjected into the story at relevant points Kubler-Ross's Five Stages of Grief model using the story to illustrate the process. Karl Child an international photographer kindly provided us with the most beautiful and nostalgic photographs, something quite meaningful to him to as a person who has experienced grief.

We produced 1000 copies of this little book, distributing them for free, across the Fylde Coast. Further to this between 2017 and 2018, over 7000 copies were sold through my previous website and Amazon Authors page until its retirement in 2018 on a high with five-star ratings and a series of positive blog reviews.

I plan to re-print with the book if not this year 2019 then the following year 2020, once the new revamp of my Journal, is completed.

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