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3 Tiny Stories from The Space

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

The Space, 59 Cookson St, Blackpool, UK

The Space is a wonderful, kooky oasis of art, creativity, well-being and conversation situated in the heart of Blackpool in one of the most complex and disadvantaged spots in the whole of the UK. I am not exaggerating when i say this, Its Blackpool and its a hard place to live. There is a wonderful person there who just has a heart so full of love that she cannot help it burst outwards and has by some miracle without any funding or statutory help managed to open this oasis for people to come together, help one another and create things to better life and the town and each other. I feel very honored that Dotty Delightful asked me to join her and help her with The Space.

Below are three Tiny Stories that I have recently collected while sharing stories there. I hope you enjoy them, and if you are in Blackpool please drop in. I will be developing a series of Stories from The Space Soon and helping Dotty with many other adventures and kooky fun and inspiring things, You can drop in for a cup of tea, take the weight of the world of your shoulders and I guarantee that you will leave feeling uplifted, inspired and a little bit more happy.

Midnight McBride | Mediation at The Space

Midnight Meditation

OK so it wasn't midnight it was actually a late Saturday evening that I rocked up to The Space to listen to a story about a man who changed his life. I love a good story of inspirational change, it is this kind of story we need more of in the world. This story is particularly inspiring because its quite extreme. The story goes like this;

Once there was a man who was by his own admission, a bit nasty, full of rage, drugs and aggression, destructive to many he did meet. It got pretty bad, like really bad, until he decided to change his life and the tool he used was mindfulness and meditation.

His name is Midnight Mcbride and I hope he will be returning to The Space again, if he does then Bob along. I am just about to start reading his book 'From Pills to Peace' then hopefully in the future film some conversations with him

The moral of this story

We can all change our life by changing our mindset as this then changes our behavior.

There is always a way.

Community Development Workshop at The Space

Community Development That Tastes Like Cake.

It was such a lovely night, the buzz of different people & their equally different ideas. Inspirational folk finding a shared core seed to create, together, things bigger than the sum of their parts. To find a common core, a shared theme all wish to achieve and thus can work to achieve together;- the desire to help other people feel better about themselves. It all starts with a story. Stories are like cake.

What happens when you take seemingly different people, people with different ideas, different thoughts, views, directions, connections and put them all together? As is often evident in life, the kitchen gets hot and chaotic and we burn the cake.

But, what happens if you add a few extra, ingredients to the mix? Throw in a handful of spicy stories, a few ounces of listening from the heart, and a dash of shared dreams of possibilities, the pursuit of a central common good? Then you get something quite different. This is where it gets kind of beautiful, magical, inspirational, positive colourful and generates order out of chaos. When baked in the oven you begin to smell the rich, sweet aromas of a wholesome cake and this is no ordinary cake but the most scrumptious tasty sweet delicious community developed cake there is.

Community Development is a bit like cake. You can buy a prepackaged one off the shelf, buy a ready mix or eat a fancy posh restaurant one that is ridiculously overpriced, but you cannot beat the authentic homely taste of a community made cake.

Moral of this Story

Communities can change for the better but change can only be sustainable if the community themselves are shown and helped to make their own cakes.

Laura Lee Price at “Jamming Nights* at The Space

A Hidden Voice | Stories From The Space

This is Laura. I have known Laura for quite some time and I know a lot about her, her life, her passions, her love of animals and photography. She's a great photographer. I know her, I say I know her and I do, but until I attended 'Jamming Night' at The Space in Blackpool, I had no idea, not a clue that this girl can sing.

I say sing but that is big understatement. This tiny petite girl has the most amazing, powerful soulful voice that I have heard in a very long time. Her voice reminds me of the strong female vocalists circa late 60's and 70's. If it wasn't for this wonderful community space I may never have known how beautiful my friends voice is.

Moral of this story

People are amazing creatures with the most beautiful secrets hidden inside, it just takes the right person or the right space to bring those gifts out. The moral of this story is, we may think we know people well but there are untapped diamonds and stories yet to be discovered in each of us.

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