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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

This is a little story about The Journal of Kane.D.Dodgson. Yes, this is my Journal, I decided to create a journal rather than a portfolio because my life is more than just the work that I do. As well as my community and story work, I also have thoughts, feelings, personal lived experience, a love for travel and adventure, an interest in mysteries, life after death, technology, art, dogs, productivity and much more. Here you can find out a bit more detail about my journal if you are curious to know more.

I have kept a journal of sorts off and on most of my life, I find that when I write things down I can make sense of them, of my thoughts, my feelings, the people and the world around me. Books, stories, writing and doodling are really important things that have woven into my toolkit for the pursuit of a meaningful and happy life. I got lost in stories as a child and my youth, whether reading someone else's or telling my own, kept me on the better side of mental health, in what was a very troubled and turbulent time.

My Journals were as you may expect, self-reflective A place I would try to work out my "shit". To look for and learn patterns and triggers so that I could cope with life and my often troubled soul. Yes, it has benefited me, I have learnt a lot by studying myself and my interactions with the people and experiences that have touched my life and left an imprint in my soul. It is a tool I have often encourage to others.

But my Journal changed in 2001 to become something that was more documentary eventually leading to the inclusion of more parts of my life, my thoughts, my feelings, experiences, passions, adventures, conversations and places I had been. Quite simply this came about because my memory was disrupted by a rather unexpected cerebral hematoma . I struggle often to recall memory, it is not lost, it's just not where it is supposed to be. Whole moments can vanish. The more tired and stressed I am, the more disrupted my memory becomes. My memory recollection is like a hard drive on a computer that is fragmented or a library shelf where the books are randomly moved out of order.

This Journal is how I manage my life, how I learn from those I meet, Journal is the portfolio of my life, not just the work I do or the products & services I create. It is a window to my soul, my passions and my dreams. All the things in this Journal are relevant to my own life, for example, I write about productivity and technology because these things have and do help me manage my life post Brain Injury. I write about the strength of people because I understand that we all have the power within us to transform our lives. I write about inspirational people and things because exposure to this can counterbalance negative feelings and perceptions. I write about death because all problems can be traced back to the fear of loss, I have have had a Near Death Experience. I tell peoples stories in a way they may never have seen themselves before because stories have the power to transform us, existentially. I write about travel because my deep wanderlust heals my soul.

I hope you find something of value in my Journal on whatever level that may be. As time goes by I will add more to my Journal so please check back at regular intervals if links, as of yet, takes you to a dead page. This is a work in progress. If you sign up to my 'Sunday Story' newsletter I can let you know when new things are published. Look out for requests for people to take part in whatever project I may be running at the time or keep you up to date with any new resources both free or paid. As you may be guessing by now I do like a cup of tea and a good story so please do not hesitate to email me using the email form scattered about this Journal.



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