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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Mark | Blackpool | UK by Kane Dodgson 2018

I so love our communities having people like Mark in them. You know that guy or that girl brightly coloured, dressed in the most original or period fashions. They are in my experience, always warm, kind loving and friendly. The downside though, is that sometimes they are misunderstood or cruelly labelled by others. Those others, who are often repressed by their own fear based story. The narrative that stops them expressing themselves.

You see, there is always a story or two to go with people like Mark. If you heard their story, you would find your perception shifts to one of empathy and inspiration. You would see the story of an interesting, strong and courageous human being.I have a lot of admiration, the kind that makes my heart fill with joy when I am around people like Mark. People who have survived so much and still consider how they can brighten up someones day.

Mark wears his clothes like a suite of Armour, like a superman cape they make him feel more confident to survive the world. He brings a smile to most peoples faces that encourages conversations just like the one I had with him on Tuesday.

Thinking Out Loud

Mark illustrates three very good points in regards to Mental Health and the art of living with purpose;-

  1.  It is of great value to our sense of self, our identity, our soul that we express in some form the real “me” 

  2. People often laugh at those whose stand out because they are less free in themselves

  3.  Mental Health Labels are irrelevant when you listen deeply to another's story

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