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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Brian Eaton, Blackpool (UK) : by Kane Dodgson 2019

I bumped into Brian Eaton the other week as we both attended the Community Action Day at The Space, a beautiful community space managed by Ruby Coupe . As always, it was a joy. Brian is a very positive and passionate man brimming with excitement, stories and a good pull of his own leg. For anyone who knows Brian, I am sure you will agree with me, that he is one of the loveliest of people you could ever wish to meet.

In some ways, if you could bottle Brian on a prescription you could go along way to improving community Mental Health. Brian is a person who naturally will make anyone feel motivated and Happy.

With support from Claremont Park Community Center. Brian also runs a lovely community project. He set up the ‘Linda Eaton Craft Awards’ in memory dedication to his wife, Linda, after she sadly passed away. Linda was an artist, she also cared about people. So, Brian with his infectious personality set about travelling all over Lancashire, talking to and inviting people, schools and community groups to take part in the LECA annual awards for community art. In particular, amateurs and non-artists especially are always warmly welcome.

Each year the all-inclusive community art awards gain in strength and numbers with hundreds of pieces of art, photography, sculpture, illustration and more contributed. The ages range from as young as five to the oldest people alive and the quality is both diverse and refreshing to find. You will not find art snobbery hear instead you will find a celebration of people and the joy of making marks.

Brian is passionate about art in communities, how it brings people together, along with its contribution to better mental health. His awards nights are great too. All LECA entrants an attend free of charge to a night of musical entertainment, delicious food and the awards ceremony. To add more fun and joy then the real highlight of any awards night are Brains stories and his occasional jig or two.

Thinking Out Loud

Age does not have to be a barrier to participation in your community or even being someone who creates opportunities for change for others in their communities.

You do not have to be a big organisation or a small one for that matter, our communities are full of often unseen people making good things happen.

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