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Tiny Stories, We Love Dancing with Sam Simpson

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Sam Simpson (Blackpool, UK) by Claire Griffiths photography.

This is Sam Simpson. She is an artist and a lover of dancing. Not just dancing but the trans-formative power that it can have for individuals and communities alike. You will find her across Lancashire and in her native habitat of Blackpool, you won't miss her considering she takes to the streets like the pied-piper of Hamlin carrying a big "we love dancing, come join us"sign over her shoulder, dragging a portable sound system and an eclectic mix of uber-cool sounds. She is encouraging people to drop everything and dance right now, right here. To be in the moment.

It is fun, infecting and a little bit, bananas. But it has more power than that, it brings people into the moment away from worry, it brings communities together and it helps build social soul. But this isn't all she does, she takes her art and her dancing to some of the most vulnerable and often forgotten people in town helping them to feel valued, included and alive.

It is often the simplest of things that produce the greatest impacts for change that our communities need today, to grow and flourish. It is a pleasure to know Sam and hear her passion for healing communities through her art.

Thinking Out Loud

Sam is a living example that you do not need to be a big or even small organisation to create community change. You do not need to be a psychologist, therapist or any number of other things. One person can effect change, help people, bring joy, unite communities and more. Just one person holding up a sign.

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