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Tiny Story | An English Violinist In Munich

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Rodger the Violinist by Kane Dodgson

This is Rodger. Rodger left Bedfordshire, England in 1971. He left at seventeen, with no place to stay and no job in an era that now seems like a vintage age before Social Media. There was no such thing as GPS tracking, Google Maps or even mobile phones. come to think of it there was no internet and world wide web. There was no such thing as digital translators, or any other app for fast easy access to help or information. All he knew was that his heart and passion to play the violin was so great that to not even try would kill him inside.

It is now 2017 and Rodger has has just retired after a long career as a violinist in Germany, playing in many first class Orchestras including Berlin. He has played to people and kings, travelling the world, following his heart. He lives in Munich now and is looking forward to spending his retirement listening to other people play the violin to him instead.

We met quite by accident, lost in a Munich Subway in the winter of 2017. for twenty minutes we shared our stories, parted like old friends and said our goodbyes.

Working Out Loud

People ask me how come total strangers share their passions, fears, hopes and pain with me? I used to think it was my background, my training, my skills but it isn't any of that. Yes those things help me be a better listener and if need be, at times, a therapist. But the simple truth I have found is, that by simply telling people that I collect stories, is enough. We all have a story and the sharing of story helps meet a fundamental human need. It answers, partly, why we exist, the purpose of life and that is, to make our mark on the world, to leave our story behind.

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