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Tiny Story | On a Train from Austria

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Ahilje | Salzburg | Austria

This is Ahilje. She is a very warm German lady, presently living and working in Salzberg, Austria. I had boarded a train in Salzburg, heading to Munich when she sat by my table. Often it is me that starts a conversation with a stranger but today was different. Today Ahilje started a conversation with me. It started over a cup of tea.

Ahilje is a mother of 3, has a husband, an animal lover and drinker of tea. She is travelling back to her native home to visit one of her daughters and I can see already on her face how much her family is important to her. she is glowing with pride as she shares the story of her daughters determination to succeed. After some bad times her daughter has built up a business making rich delightful organic chocolate and is about to sell it to the UK.

Ahilje herself is quite the remarkable lady and I instantly can see where her daughter has inherited her mothers gift. The gift of giving and never giving up. She dedicates her life to helping and healing people as a therapist. But in 2014 she experienced multiple losses and traumas and as such these broke her strength and resilience.

Yet despite how dark it felt for a while, Ahilje recovered and recovered stronger than she was before. She shared with me what really helped her to get well and it is simple yet something our social age has lost all connections with.

She recovered by connecting with people. Conversations, company, storytelling, listening and just being around inspiring, kind and loving patient people, and dogs.

One of the biggest loves she has is for her ageing dogs, they gave her the love she was unable to give at the time, to her self, they forced her to get up and go out. They loved her, snuggled her, and made her laugh. Then, when she was ready, she began to do the same with her human friends.

It was this unconditional love from her dogs that Ahilje points as the original seed of her healing. Her advice to those suffering in Depression is this;- Tea, conversation and dogs are the best pills to heal mental health.

From one chance conversation myself and Ahilje still keep in touch today

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