Roam Therapy

I work with stories. 

Journalling has been a cornerstone in my life since I was young. I have had to work hard on fixing and changing myself over the years. I am also a professional & qualified therapist. 

To find yourself here I can only assume, like me, you have a love for Roam Research. You may also be interested in its use in personal development and self-therapy. 

I am working on building s series of guides and support resources to help fellow travellers get the best out of Roam as a therapeutic tool. 

To begin with 

Creating a self-evidenced [[personal wellbeing toolkit]]

If this may be of interest to you then please provide an email address and I will send an update soon.

I am also interested to hear how you may be using Roam as a self-therapy tool. You are more than welcome to contact me here

I also sometimes go on Twitter to.