Reflective Development

with Sam Simpson Arts

Reflective Development

Sam Simpson Arts

Sam Simpson is a Blackpool resident and local community artist with a keen interest in the transformative power that art and dance can have on our personal and community mental health and wellbeing.

She delivers creative workshops that are designed to help people come together, develop new skills, improve self-esteem, explore feelings, make friends and encourage people to live in the moment (using art and dance as a mindfulness tool). 

She does this in two ways, In small intimate groups with people living with disadvantage and through large community free dance events. You may have seen or even taken apart in one of these if you have been in Blackpool over the last few summers. We Love Dancing events are becoming a regular feature on the Comedy Carpet outside the Tower lasting all afternoon, bringing thousands of people to dance together on Blackpool's famous Golden Mile.

Funded by Arts Council England, Sam has commissioned my self to help her explore and develop her project. I am providing her with a reflective development process where over a cup of tea we explore both her personal and professional development. 

Her story and development will be used in part to tell the story of who she is, what she does, why she does it and what she has to offer to her community. This story will be produced as a promotional storybook to enhance and reflect on her growing portfolio. Rather than being promotional spin, this promotional book will showcase Sam in a real, authentic and genuine way.

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