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A Different Story

Suicide, A Different Story

Lancashire & South Cumbria NHS Partnership

A project Funded by ‘Lancashire & South Cumbria NHS Partnership Suicide Prevention Service,’


I live in a town with some of the highest suicide figures in the UK for men of my age. Losing anyone is heartbreaking, but even more so when it is sudden death. In particular, a loss that comes through suicide. I know this too well. I wish to discover how communities can solve this problem. To understand how as individuals, neighbourhoods and systems how best to help people falling through space, through the narratives of men that survived it.

Not all those on the brink, fall. Some stepped away, now living a story full of purpose and meaning. Their relationship to a world that was so different that they rarely recognise their old self. 

Some guys have recovered from suicidal ideation, so is it possible that we can inspire and learn from these stories?

Through this project, I wish to tell an unfamiliar story about suicide. A tale of hope, transformation, and of experiencing again. A record of ideas, tools, tips and a message to each other. This is learning spoken by men who battled their biggest dragons and won.


"It’s like I am talking about someone else long gone. It is hard sometimes to remember that person I told myself I was,"

Paul Shannahan

CEO of GoGetYou (Charity) 

 Director of Qui-Do Wellness.

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